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Model: BW-DV105AJ

Made in Japan

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Key FeaturesSpecificationsWarranty & User GuideTerms & Conditions
  • 10.5kg Washer / 5.5kg Dryer
  • 1,000rpm Spin Speed (Wash & Dry)
  • Direct drive inverter
  • ultra-Stream Wash, Ultra-Stream Rinse
  • Dehumidification (Water Cooling)
  • Tangle Free Finish
  • Anti Bacterial Lint Filter
Key Specifications:

Body Color Champagne
Tub Dimensions (cm) φ390 x 460
Capacity (Dry Cloth Weight, kg)
Washing : 10.5kg Drying : 5.5kg
Standard Water Consumption (L) Washing : 108L (Cotton)

Washing & Drying : 127L (Cotton)

Technology & Feature
Washing Ultra-Stream Wash

Hot Mist

Rinsing Ultra-Stream Rinse
Drying Dehumidication Type (Water Cooling)
Tub Tub Clean

Tub Dry

Stainless Steel

Others Auto Self Clean

Glass Lid

Warm Spin Dry(Tangle Free Finish)

No. of Programs Washing : 9
COTTON(10.5kg), COTTON ECO(10.5kg), SPEEDY(5.0kg), DELICATE(3.0kg), SOAK(10.5kg), FAVORITE(10.5kg), BLANKET(4.7kg), DRYCLEAN(1.5㎏), TUB CLEAN(11/3 hours)Washing & Drying : 6
COTTON(5.5kg), COTTON ECO(5.5kg), SPEEDY(2.5kg), SOAK(5.5kg), FAVORITE(5.5kg), BLANKET(2.8kg)Drying : 5
COTTON(5.5kg), DRYCLEAN(0.4kg), HYGIENE(1.0kg), POLLEN(2.0kg), TUB DRY(30min)
Convenient Features CD-R Instruction Manual

Trial Operation Procedure

Main Motor DD Inverter
Rotation Speed (r/min) Washing : 130-138

Rinsing : 850 (1,000)

Drying : 35

Rated Power (W) Washing : 450

Drying : 1050

Rated Voltage (V) & Frequency (Hz) AC220-240&50, AC220-230&60
Dimensions (WxDxH, mm) 610 x 635 x 1,060
Weight (Net/Gross, kg) Approx. 53/ 57

Hitachi Warranty Coverage: Click here to view

Warranty By Hitachi: Click here to register


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Free delivery for small appliances orders $200 and above.

For small appliances orders below $200, there is a $10 delivery charge upon checkout.

Wine Chiller $40
1 to 3-door Fridge
Multi-door Fridge
Side by Side Fridge


Washing Machine
Washer Dryer


** NOTE: Delivery fee includes disposal of similar size product and to lift landing only. Contact us for more details about the fees.

Additional charges may apply for delivery to Condominium/Private Property that do not allow logistic vehicle etc as special arrangement have to be made. Kindly contact us for more information.

Due to security reasons, special arrangements have to be made to deliver to certain areas, hence additional charges may apply (on top of the delivery charge) – regardless of the size and type of item.

Area such as:

-Changi Airport/Sentosa/Jurong Island & etc.
-High-Security areas that require logisric vehicles to be empty & etc.

*Kindly contact us for more information.


Washing Machine
Washer Dryer
Free Standard Installation: Connecting of inlet and outlet hose provided by agent.

Please make sure you have a suitable and available tap.


Free Standard Installation

Dismantling of Fridge Door: $50

TV Table-top setup: Free

Fixed-bracket wallmount installation: $50-$100*

Swivel Arm-bracket: $100 & above*

(Ceiling Mount, Fake/ Feature walls can be done on a case-by-case
basis. Quoted by installer. Additional charges apply)

*Depending on TV size.

Built-in Induction/Ceramic Hob
Built-in Oven
Built-in Microwave Oven
Built-in Dishwasher

Basic Installation/Replacement only: $40 (same cut-out size).

Estimate $40-$180* (Please call to enquire for installation charges).

Built-in Induction Hob/Ceramic Hob/Oven/Microwave Oven:
Basic Installation/Replacement only: $60 (same cut-out size).

Built-in Dishwasher: Quoted by installer.

Additional charges apply if alternations, changing of gas hose or other materials are needed*.
*Quote by Installer.

Ceiling Fan

With Wired Access Point or Replacement: $50
(Hdb ceiling height, concrete ceiling only).

Create Wire Access Point : Quoted by installer. Additional charges may apply.

Board Ceiling: Quoted by installer. Additional charges may apply.

Portable/Window Air Conditioner Quoted by installer. Additional charges may apply

**NOTE: When purchasing a fridge/wine chiller/washer/dryer/dishwasher /washer cum dryer, please ensure that the main house door/gate/toilet door/balcony etc. is big enough to enter. Additional charges apply if item is bigger than the main door/gate as removing of fridge door is needed.

When purchasing washer/dryer/ dishwasher /washer cum dryer, additional charges apply if extend water inlet hose & outlet hose.

When purchasing hob/hood/built-in induction/ceramic hob/built-in oven/built-in microwave oven/built-in dishwasher, please ensure that your cabinet dimensions are properly measured and adequate spare is given as NO Exchange or Refund will be allow.


(& other equivalent appliances)
Climb up/down 1 level: $20
Every additional subsequent level: Additional $10
(& other equivalent appliances)
1 to 3-door fridge
Climb up/down 1 level: $30
Every additional subsequent level: Additional $20

Multi-door/ Side-by-side fridge

Climb up/down 1 level: $50
Every additional subsequent level: Additional $20

1. For other items that require to be delivered to a walk up apartment (incl. climb stairs for hdb/condominium/landed property), kindly call us for more details about the fees.
2. Higher fees for certain models as it will delivered by agent. Contact us for more details about the fees.
3. Spiral stairs can only be done on a case-by-case basis. Call us for more info.

1 to 1 exchange within 7 days after delivery will be offered for manufacturing defects ONLY. Please keep the product packaging for 7 days. 
Kindly inform us at 65658924, 65658970.

Exchange of Bulky Appliances
A technician is needed to go down to customer’s house to verify the defect and repair the issue. If the technician is unable to repair it, a written report will be given. Email us at kongtaionline@gmail.com with the report as a proof of verification and we will proceed with the exchange.
(Do not throw away the box for the first 7 days).

Exchange of Small Appliances
Customer will have to come down to shop with the defective item and invoice regardless of shipping method chosen.
Our staff will inspect the item to check if it is indeed defective. Once verified defective, we will proceed with an exchange of the same item.
*Items without its original packaging and complete accessories are not qualified for exchange.*

If the appliance is to be placed inside a cabinet, please ensure that your cabinet dimensions are properly measured and adequate space is given for the fridge/washer/dryer/etc to be placed inside.

Once you have received your item,
(1) If it is not up to your expectations, or
(2) You have a change of mind (i.e would like a bigger/smaller capacity),
It is strictly NOT eligible for an exchange or return/refund.

Please kindly ensure that you have done a thorough research on the product to avoid such cases. You can even drop by to the nearest appliances outlet to see the item in person before finalizing your decision to purchase the item.


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